iKON - 'I'M OK' - English Cover + Lyrics - Acoustic Guitar Chords (아이콘 아임 오케이 커버)


This is my English cover of iKON's (아이콘) new song "I'M OK". The lyrics I came up with (press CC or see below) aren't a direct translation of the original lyrics, but they're pretty close. Thanks for listening and please subscribe for more covers!

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Chords: (Capo fret 3) E, Am, D, B7

Lyrics (please link this video if used):

I’m OK.
Please don’t comfort me,
Don’t want sympathy.
I don’t need you right here by my side.
I said, it’s alright.
I’m OK.
Don’t worry ‘bout me,
Please don’t think of me.
I would rather be alone right now -
(I'm) used to it somehow.
I’m OK.

I don’t wanna hear it -
All these words of comfort.
Just can’t fall asleep -
Reality gets tougher.
Searching for fulfillment,
But all I find is drinking.
My heart is empty, barren, cold -
Sometimes I realize it.
Don’t feel anything in any situation.
When I think I’m better off alone,
I just start being lonely.
I’ve got a lot to do,
but I’m tired of this life.
When they ask me how I’m doing,
I show ‘em my biggest smile.

(I) feel like everyone
has turned their back on me.
I feel bad for myself,
as I get smaller in fear.
Loneliness comes for me,
I’m stuck here in the dark.
If you ever see me cry,
please, I beg, just walk straight past, far.

I’m OK
위로하지 마 동정하지 마
곁에 있어 줄 필요 없어
I’m OK
걱정하지 마 신경 쓰지 마
차라리 혼자 있는 게 난
I’m OK

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